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Item attributes - advanced

This article will show you:
  1. Showing attributes as drop downs vs radio buttons
  2. Selecting a default choice
  3. Using another item from inventory 
  4. Options that are a different price
  5. Options that are a different weight
  6. Keeping track of the quantity
  7. Setting a SKU for attributes
  8. Hidden fields

You need this because:
  1. You read the basic tutorial on adding item attributes and it didn't cover everything that you want to do with the item attributes.
In this example we will cover all the options in the add attribute section. We will be adding an extra large size option for the T shirt with a price difference of $2 and weight difference of .25 pound. We have 5 extra large shirts available in stock, the Sku for the extra large size is "enlarge" and hidden value which is visible to just store owner for processing order contains the instructions that this item is in warehouse 2.

Edit the item and click on the attributes link. Then click on the "Add new attribute" button 

Attribute Class:
This option will show you existing classes for the attributes which can be selected from the drop down choices and an option to add new class for the attributes. For this example as we have already added the size class in basic example so we will select the size class from the existing classes 

Attribute Value:
Attribute values are the choices for an item shown in either drop down or radio button choices as configured by the store owner.
In this example we will give the value as extra large 

Attribute Type:
Drop down and radio button are the 2 types of attributes available in StoreSecured.
An example of drop down options is shown 

An example of radio options is shown

The default option is used to make a default selection from the attribute values. This value is automatically selected when the item page is loaded. If the customer wants to change the selection they can choose from the attribute choices.

View Order:
View order is used to arrange the values within a class. This will arrange the available options in the drop down/radio button choices. You can give any value in view order the lower number will be shown first then higher and so on. 
If the view order of 2 or more values is same then they will be arranged alphabetically.

Use Inventory:
It is recommended to leave set to NO for most merchants as no is used for normal selection.
Use inventory YES option is used in cases where you want another item added to the cart when this attribute is selected. Common example of selecting YES would include selling computers where individual parts can be selected, i.e. memory, ram, hard disk, monitors and so on.

In this example we will select "NO"

Price Difference:
Amount to add or subtract from the main item price if this attribute is selected. This is commonly used in the case of large sizes which generally have a higher price.
Our example has price difference of $2 so we will fill in 2 in price difference 

Weight Difference:
Weight difference is the weight to add or subtract from the main item weight for calculating the total weight for this attribute.
In our example the weight difference is .25 pound so we will fill in .25 in weight difference 

Quantity in Stock:
The number of stock we have for this particular attribute. Leave blank to not keep track of stock for this attribute.

Note that stock is only checked for items where quantity control is enabled. For enabling the system to track stock on attributes the quantity control option should be checked in main item.

In our example we have stock of 5 extra large T shirts so we will fill in 5 in quantity in stock 

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit):
This is an additional SKU to associate with the selection of this attribute. This is not a required field so if left blank then only main item SKU will be used. If the main item SKU is specified as "shirt" and attribute SKU is specified as "enlarge" then SKU will be shown as "shirt|enlarge"

If there is an option for selection of more than 1 attributes then attribute SKU's will be shown separated by comma. For example if there is a color attribute "blue" with SKU as "blue" then if extra large blue shirt is selected then SKU will be shown as "shirt|enlarge,blue"

In our example the SKU of extra large attribute is elarge so we will give enlarge in SKU field 

Hidden value:
Hidden value is not shown to the customers it is used internally normally to post special notes for processing the items.
In our example the special note is that item is in warehouse 2. We will fill in this special note in this field 

After filling in the fields click on the "Add this attribute" button to add the attribute 

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