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Why do I need departments?

Organizing your products into departments is essential to the success of your online store. Making the products customers are looking for easy to find makes their online shopping experience a pleasure, rather than an ordeal. Frustrated customers won’t come back. If you analyze a typical department store, you’ll see that products are organized and... Read More

Why do my small images show up so large on the item view?

The store does not resize your images once they are uploaded. All images are shown in their original size so if you are seeing a larger image than you thought it is because that is the actual size of the image. If you would like for your images to be smaller you should resize them before uploading... Read More

Why does the domain name change during checkout?

The address bar changes at checkout so that the checkout can be done via a secure connection. StoreSecured as a company only has the right to secure domains which end in our own url, ie yourstore.storesecured.com and our secure certificate is created for the same... Read More

Why dont my images show up at checkout or on secure pages?

If images are not appearing on certain pages, especially during checkout, this means that you have used an invalid image path. It is always best to use a relative path like images/imagename.gif vs a full path like http://www.storename.com/images/imagename.gif... Read More

Why hasn't my Google shopping feed been sent?

If the Google shopping feed is enabled but no last feed time is shown this means that the feed was unsuccessful.  The most common reason for an unsuccessful feed is that the username or password entered in the setup is incorrect... Read More

Displaying 151 - 155 of 155 
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