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How can I exchange links with your site?     Remove
Please note that we only accept links from sites who fit into one of the categories listed as similar sites.  If your site does not fit into the categories listed it will be rejected... Read More

Order confirmation email     Remove
This article will show you how to setup and/or customize the order confirmation email. You need this because you want to change the content of the order notification email. And you want to be notified when new orders are generated via email... Read More

What are the email limitations?     Remove
Please contact us if you have special usage needs that exceed the email limitations.
*Note that the store's built in newsletter functionality should be used for sending bulk messages to over 25 recipients...
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What is phishing and how can I avoid it?     Remove
Phishing is when an individual sends out emails pretending to be someone else to try and get a hold of your personal information... Read More

How can I make my own search box?     Remove
Beginners, to insert a search box use the keyword %OBJ_SEARCH_BOX_OBJ%, this will automatically insert a basic search box where the keyword is placed... Read More

Can I add a signature line to my emails?     Remove
Yes, you may add a signature line if your email program supports it. Please refer to the documentation for your email program for details on how to set up a signature line... Read More

Tracking and/or affiliate software     Remove
If the tracking or affiliate software is HTML or Javascript to track sales conversions, you will need to put that into your receipt page header or footer. To add information to the receipt header or footer go to Design-->Pages -->View/Edit and select the edit link for the receipt page. Then insert your html or javascript code into the header or footer text box... Read More

Email notifications not received     Remove
If this is happening to you its probably because you are using an aol email address. AOL will not accept email addressed to the same person it is being sent to. All of your email is sent from the email you have listed as your contact email address so if you use the same email address for your notifications it will not work through AOL... Read More

Modify email inbox password     Remove
This article will show you how to modify your email password. You need this because you want to change your email password... Read More

Is email included?     Remove
Yes, POP3, SMTP, IMAP and web based email is available with all accounts. Email is available once a custom domain name is added to the store... Read More

How long will it take before my site is listed by search engines?     Remove
Search engine listings can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to appear.  To make it easier for search engines to find your site exchange links with other complimentary sites. Exchanging links with other sites will ensure that spiders already indexing the complimentary sites will more easily find your site. Read More

What is affiliate marketing?     Remove
What is Affiliate Marketing? In a nutshell, Affiliate Marketing is a referral-based marketing strategy (also called "revenue sharing"), in which Merchants pay Affiliates commissions for referring business to the Merchant's website. Merchants do not pay for advertising with their Affiliates until a sale or visit occurs... Read More

Internet Explorer 11 Issues With Smartermail     Remove
As of November 12th, 2013 the Microsoft Corporation added Internet Explorer 11 to the Automatic Updates for Windows version 7 and 8 Operating Systems (this version was already included in Windows 8.1). All owners of these versions of Windows will have had their Internet Explorer automatically updated to this newer version, without user intervention... Read More

What do the different fields on the email add screen mean?     Remove
User Name: Your username, ie the email address [email protected]
Domain: Your domain name, ie
Real Name: Your real name, ie John Smith (only used for webmail)
Password: Your password to login (for reading or sending email)
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Is the store builder PCI compliant?     Remove
Yes, StoreSecured is PCI compliant. This does not however mean that you do not have to be PCI compliant yourself. Most gateway/merchant account providers require that each store conduct their own PCI compliance scan, questionnaire etc in addition to ensuring that services that you use are PCI Compliant. Read More

Show and hide fields for editing     Remove
This article will show you: How to show fields that are needed for editing or hide fields that are not used. You need this because: You want to edit a field and do not see it. You want to simplify the edit forms and hide fields that you never use... Read More

Can I add a favicon?     Remove
Yes, to add a favicon follow the steps below: 1. Create an image 16 X 16 pixels in size. 2. Save the image with the name favicon.ico 3. Use FTP to upload the image to the website_root directory Read More

Where are you located?     Remove
We are located in Sheridan, WY 82801 Read More

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