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Can you register a domain name for me?

No, we are not an accredited domain name registrar. You will need to register your domain name with a 3rd party registrar and then update the nameservers to point to your store. We recommend GoDaddy for domain name registration. Read More

Configuring DNS nameservers

This article will show you how to configure your the DNS nameservers for a custom domain name. You need this because you want to use a custom domain name with the store... Read More

Do I need a domain name?

It is not required to register a domain name but it does look more professional. A free sub-domain name is given to all stores, ie at signup. Read More

Does the store support multiple domain names?

A single store can support unlimited domain names. Follow the instructions to Register/transfer custom domain name for each domain name that should point at the store. Please note that all domain names in a single store will point to the same home page and will utilize the same template. Read More

How to choose a domain name

Choosing A Domain Name Before you rush out and choose your domain name or name your website, you might want to consider that your Domain Name Should Be Your Website Name Naming your site after your domain may seem obvious to some of you, but you'll be surprised to learn that not every website is named after the domain name... Read More

Make a custom domain name the default store address

This article will show you how to make your custom domain name the default URL for your store. You need this because you want your store to show your domain name/url in the address bar instead of the * url...
Read More

Using a custom domain name

This article will show you how to use a custom domain name for your store. You need this because you want your store to be available at a url like vs Read More

Why does the domain name change during checkout?

The address bar changes at checkout so that the checkout can be done via a secure connection. StoreSecured as a company only has the right to secure domains which end in our own url, ie and our secure certificate is created for the same... Read More