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Accept payments with PayPal

There are many ways to accept PayPal in your store including PayPal Standard, PayPal Website Payments Pro and PayPal Express Checkout. Accept PayPal payments as an additional payment method for your users Go to General > Payments > Methods Enable the PayPal payment method Hit Save Go to General > Payments > Gateway Under the... Read More

Accepting credit cards

All stores are integrated with several different credit card gateways for processing cards.
To accept credit cards you need to setup an account with a credit card processor / gateway and then select that processor from "General --> Payments-->Gateway"...
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Authorize only and capture the transactions later

Yes you can set the gateway to just authorize the transactions and capture the funds later. This option is available under General-->Payments-->Gateway. Read More

BluePay Signup and Rates

StoreSecured has negotiated special rates with Bluepay for our customers.
Debit Rate - 1.99%
Credit Cards - 2.24%
Transaction Fee - $0.22
Monthly Fee- $20 month
Annual PCI Fee - $99 yearly
Monthly Minimum - $20 month
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Can the websites be set up with different denominations of currency?

No, StoreSecured supports only 1 currency at a time. Read More

Card code/CVV code

This article will show you what the card code is and how card code capture works. You need this because you want to understand what the card code/CVV code is and you want to retrieve the card code/CVV code for manual processing... Read More

Credit/refund/void credit cards

To refund a customers payment for an order please go to the orders view for the order you wish to refund. If your payment gateway supports an automatic refund there will be a Credit button available. Click on the Credit button to credit the transaction back to the customers credit card... Read More

Do I need to use Paypals IPN functionality?

You should not need to configure the IPN within Paypal. The store does use IPN but this is setup automatically when a transaction is sent to Paypal. If you have previously disabled IPN you will need to re enable it... Read More

Does the store support multiple currencies?

While the store can support any currency you want it can support only 1 currency at a time. To support multiple currencies you must open multiple stores each with their own currency. Note that even if your store supports only 1 currency shoppers from all over the world will be able to make purchases... Read More

How do I change the currency?

To change the currency in your store please visit General > Other Settings, enter in your currency symbol in the currency symbol box and click on the Save Changes button... Read More

How do some orders get marked as verified, what does that mean?

A verified order indicates that payment has been verified. If you are processing credit cards using a real-time processor and the payment is accepted it will be instantly verified by our system. For other types of payment such as fax, check, etc it will be the store admins responsibility to mark orders as verified when the payment is actually received in hand... Read More

Internet Secure alternative payment

The following are alternative instructions for setting up the Internet Secure gateway using the emulation mode.  This method allows the customer to remain on your website during the purchase process.  It also solves the issue of the store not receiving notice of the purchases being completed which sometimes happens with the regular Internet Secure method... Read More

Linkpoint merchant config file is missing, empty or cannot be read

This error could mean one of several things:
  • You have not uploaded the Linkpoint certificate file
  • Your Linkpoint certificate file is invalid, often times extra spaces or line breaks are inserted which causes problems.
  • Your Linkpoint store name is invalid. Please note that although Linkpoint calls this a store name it is really a series of numbers. Many merchants try to enter a url or series of characters here which is invalid.
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List of supported realtime gateways

The store builder supports the following gateways:
  • US Gateways
  • PayPal Pro
  • Braintree
  • BluePay
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Test credit card number

In most gateways the test Visa number 4111111111111111 will work. This is not a real credit card number but it will pass all internal checks and be passed onto the gateway. If your gateway is setup properly it should reject the credit card as invalid but no other errors should exist. For final testing it is recommended to do at least 1 transaction... Read More

Tips to reduce credit card fraud

It is your responsibility as a merchant to verify credit card transactions before sending out merchandise. There are several ways you can limit fraudulent transactions: Ensure that the address verification system result produces a match and do not send merchandise to customers whose entered address does not match their billing address... Read More

Use an existing merchant account?

If you already have a merchant account it will most likely work with StoreSecured. To process online payments you will need to get a realtime gateway to work with your merchant account. If you do not have a realtime gateway you can still process transactions offline by hand and the store can capture the credit card information securely for later... Read More

Use PayPal Payment Pro to process payments

To enable PayPal Payments Pro for your store 
1. Visit General->Payment-->Gateway 
2. Select Use PayPal Website Payment Pro
3. Enter the Paypal API User name
4. Enter the Paypal password
5. Enter the 3 digit ISO currency code, Click here for a list of currency codes
6. Enter the Paypal Security Key
7. Hit Save
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View credit card number

If you are using a payment processor to process your credit card transactions our system will try to store the actual credit card information along with authorization and verification numbers for transactions which can be used to look up the actual transaction on the processors website. To view sensitive information such as credit card information... Read More

What currencies are supported?

The store can support any currency for your payments. However, if you are accepting credit cards you will need to ensure that your payment gateway can support the selected currency... Read More

What currencies does Paypal accept?

Paypal accepts payments in US dollars, Canadian dollars, Euro, Pound Sterling and Yen. To change your paypal currency code go to General  >  Payments  >  Gateway and enter the 3 digit currency code for Paypal... Read More

What does it mean to capture funds?

Capturing funds means that you want to send a deposit transaction for a previous credit card authorization. Ie if you selected to only authorize the transactions from the General > Payment > Gateway screen the capture funds would be done when the item is actually shipped to ensure that you as the merchant receive the money from the transaction... Read More

What is the phone number for is one of our payment gateway processors. If you have a question for them their phone number is 1-877-447-3938 Read More

What is the phone number for Online Data Corp?

Online data corp is one of our payment processors. If you need to reach them their number is 1-866-613-5422 Read More

Why accept credit cards?

Accepting Credit Cards Facts: 80% of the world buys products and services on credit. Over 87% of all Internet customers use credit cards and businesses lose sales over 60% of the time if they don't accept credit card payment ! The ability to accept credit cards WILL DETERMINE the level of your company's online success... Read More