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How to sync outlook with smartermail?

SmarterMail supports the two-way sync of personal and shared user resources like calendars, contacts, and tasks with Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 using Add to Outlook (Sharepoint Sync). Add to Outlook does not, however, sync domain resources like shared calendars and contacts... Read More

How we control how many products are displayed per page?

To control how many products within each department are displayed per page, go to General > Item Settings. By default, products are set to 10 down and 1 across. You can change the number of items to display across and down on a page from the item list section. Read More

I sent out a mass email using the mailmerge but not everyone received it?

The mail merge feature will send emails only to those customers who have indicated that they want to receive promotional emails. To change the promotional email setting or view its current value for a particular customer, go to Customers --> Groups --> View/Edit.
Click on the Edit link for the customer you want to view order change settings for.
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I think someone is using my email account how do I stop it?

Usually this question arises when you receive emails from your own domain name or returned emails that you never sent. Please note that this does NOT indicate that someone has access to your email account. Unfortunately anyone can send email as anyone else, you can try it right now, set your own reply to address to be [email protected] and send yourself an email. You will see that it arrives properly and looks like its from ebay... Read More

Is customer information secure?

Yes, all of your customers sensitive information is secured using a 128 bit secure site certificate which is the strongest level of security available. This is the same level of security used by banks for their transactions. If your store is capturing a customers credit card information a secure connection is always used to ensure that customers... Read More

Is email included?

Yes, POP3, SMTP, IMAP and web based email is available with all accounts. Email is available once a custom domain name is added to the store... Read More

Is hosting included?

Yes, hosting is included with all packages. Hosting can be just for your store or you may upload additional web files. You may not upload programming files or databases to your store. Examples of acceptable type files: js, css, html, htm, xml, pdf, swf, fla, jpg, gif, wmv, mp3, zip ie movies, webpages, adobe acrobat files, images, javascript,... Read More

Is the store builder PCI compliant?

Yes, StoreSecured is PCI compliant. This does not however mean that you do not have to be PCI compliant yourself. Most gateway/merchant account providers require that each store conduct their own PCI compliance scan, questionnaire etc in addition to ensuring that services that you use are PCI Compliant. Read More

Is there a counter on my web site?

By default there is no counter. Visible counters are normally reserved for personal sites vs business sites. Instead all sites include a full statistics package which is much more comprehensive then a simple counter. There are many free counters available that can be found by doing a search but if your site is brand new it is not usually a good... Read More

Is there a phone number I can call for support?

Yes, phone sales and support are available at the following number: Toll-free 1-866-324-2764
For immediate assistance use the live online chat.
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Is there a reseller or affiliate program for the store builder?

Yes, we do have an affiliate program. You can promote the site builder and receive residual income for as long as the customer keeps their storefront. We pay $5 per month per account. There is no cost to join... Read More

Is there way to diplay item but disable them from purchasing it?

General > Item Settings and in "Out of Stock Items" select "SHOW out of stock items" this will keep the items showing even if they are sold out.

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I've added new items and I can't see them?

If your items aren't showing up after adding them you should check to make sure that you assigned them to at least one department from Inventory > Items > View/Edit From the search screen click on the item which is not being displayed and select Edit. From the Edit screen the fourth field at the top is the department... Read More

My images don’t appear in IE but they are appearing fine in other browsers?

If images do not display in IE but they do display in other browsers then it is an error with the images. If you try to open the same image in IE locally, it will give the same output. The images won’t be displayed as there is an error in the image. We can do nothing to correct this issue as the image that was initially uploaded has errors... Read More

Sometimes I click on a link and nothing happens?

There are several reasons why a link might not be doing anything. First you must have a browser which supports javascript. We suggest using the latest version of Google Chrome. Second, many of our secondary windows, ie color picker, image picker, file picker, editor and preview windows rely on opening in a second window... Read More

Use an existing merchant account?

If you already have a merchant account it will most likely work with StoreSecured. To process online payments you will need to get a realtime gateway to work with your merchant account. If you do not have a realtime gateway you can still process transactions offline by hand and the store can capture the credit card information securely for later... Read More

What are banners and how do they work?

Banners are normally used to display an image promoting another site or offer to your customer. A banner is essentially an image that is linked to a website address. Banners can be set to display at only certain times of the day, days of the week or between certain days... Read More

What are the email limitations?

Please contact us if you have special usage needs that exceed the email limitations.
*Note that the store's built in newsletter functionality should be used for sending bulk messages to over 25 recipients...
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What are the extended data fields used for?

The extended data fields can be used to store information about an item that is not captured elsewhere. This information could be something specific to your type of item or something for display purposes etc... Read More

What are the maximum number of characters allowed for the PIN?

Maximum 20 characters are allowed for PIN. Read More

What are the user defined fields used for?

User defined fields are used for questions that don't have a predefined list of choices but require customer input. For example user defined fields can be used to ask the customer for a name to be used for personalization of an item, date of birth etc... Read More

What currencies are supported?

The store can support any currency for your payments. However, if you are accepting credit cards you will need to ensure that your payment gateway can support the selected currency... Read More

What currencies does Paypal accept?

Paypal accepts payments in US dollars, Canadian dollars, Euro, Pound Sterling and Yen. To change your paypal currency code go to General  >  Payments  >  Gateway and enter the 3 digit currency code for Paypal... Read More

What do the different fields on the email add screen mean?

User Name: Your username, ie the email address [email protected]
Domain: Your domain name, ie mystore.com
Real Name: Your real name, ie John Smith (only used for webmail)
Password: Your password to login (for reading or sending email)
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What does it mean to capture funds?

Capturing funds means that you want to send a deposit transaction for a previous credit card authorization. Ie if you selected to only authorize the transactions from the General > Payment > Gateway screen the capture funds would be done when the item is actually shipped to ensure that you as the merchant receive the money from the transaction... Read More

What happens if my payment is overdue?

The store builder will automatically try to charge your payment method on file when payment is due. Sometimes the payment is not able to be charged because either the credit card is expired, over its limit or the card has been reported stolen... Read More

What hours is support available?

Phone support is available Monday - Friday leave a message and someone will return your call within 24 hours. Live chat support is available 6:00 - 2:00 Pacific Time Monday - Friday. Email support is available 24/7. Read More

What if I need additional storage space?

If the space available in your current plan is not enough you can purchase additional space for $10 per month for each 500MB. In most cases the space available with your plan should be plenty. Read More

What is a coupon?

A coupon is a unique alphanumeric code that a user can enter at checkout to be given a specific discount. A coupon can be for either a certain percentage off or a flat amount off the total order. To add a new coupon please visit Marketing > Coupons > Add. Read More

What is affiliate marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing? In a nutshell, Affiliate Marketing is a referral-based marketing strategy (also called "revenue sharing"), in which Merchants pay Affiliates commissions for referring business to the Merchant's website. Merchants do not pay for advertising with their Affiliates until a sale or visit occurs... Read More

What is CAPTCHA?

A CAPTCHA system is a type of challenge-response test used in computing to ensure that the response is not generated by a computer. The process involves the server asking a user to complete a simple test which the computer is able to generate and grade. Because other computers or bots are unable to solve the CAPTCHA... Read More

What is custom pricing?

Custom pricing allows the customer to put in their own price for the item rather then the item having a set price. this could be used to pay for items you specifically quote offline or sometimes for auction payments where you dont know the total, etc. When custom pricing is enabled there will be a field for the customer to enter their price rather... Read More

What is greylisting?

What is Greylisting and how does it work? Greylisting is a popular tool in the fight against spam. It will temporarily block incoming mail from a sender and then returns the mail to the sender's mail server with a message saying effectively, "try again later." The sending server must then retry sending the mail... Read More

What is phishing and how can I avoid it?

Phishing is when an individual sends out emails pretending to be someone else to try and get a hold of your personal information... Read More

What is the advantage of having customers create a login?

The store builder provides the ability to create customer accounts. The customer account can be created by a store administrator or by the customer. The main benefit to customers having accounts is that repeat customers will not have to fill in their billing and shipping information for each order. Read More

What is the best format for images, gif, jpg, png?

All image formats are supported, the most widely used formats are BMP, GIF, JPG JPEG and PNG. For the web any of these are fine except for BMP which is not optimized for load time. GIF - Lossless / Indexed only GIF uses lossless compression, meaning that you can save the image over and over and never lose any data... Read More

What is the froogle feed?

Froogle was a shopping portal purchased by Google. Froogle is the same as Google Base. Google Base is a free service for merchants to list their products on line. The store builder will automatically send your products to Google Base every 24 hours for listing in their shopping service. Merchants can setup and enable a Google Base data feed from Marketing --> Google Base.... Read More

What is the phone number for Online Data Corp?

Online data corp is one of our payment processors. If you need to reach them their number is 1-866-613-5422 Read More

What is your refund policy?

All stores are backed by a full 45 day no questions asked refund period giving you over 6 weeks to try out the software worry free. Anytime during the 45 day period you may cancel your store and request a full refund. After the 45 day trial period all payments are final. To cancel a store and request a refund please login to your store and select... Read More

What size should item images be?

The actual size of images in your store is dependent on your specific store requirements however as a general rule of thumb we recommend that the small or thumbnail image should be 100-150 pixels and the large image should be approximately 300-400 pixels. These are generic numbers that work well for most stores... Read More

What software is required to manage my store?

There is no special software to manage a store. The store builder has a web based interface which includes everything needed and is accessible from any computer with internet access. There is nothing to download or install. Read More

What unit of measurement is to be used for item weight?

If you are using real-time shipping the weight entered must be in pounds. If however you are using one of the calculated shipping methods you may enter the weight in any unit of measurement that you choose as long as you are consistent. To enter a fraction of a pound please use decimal numbers, i.e. 1 and a half pounds would be entered as 1.5 Read More

When I try to browse my store it always takes me to the login page?

Your store is probably set up as non-public. A public store means that all shoppers can browse your store before registering, a private store means that shoppers must register before they can even browse your store. 1. Login to the administrator panel and select "General > Login Settings". 2. In the "Public Store” field select the option... Read More

Where are you located?

We are located in Sheridan, WY 82801 Read More

Where can I see the custom field answers?

The custom field questions and answers provided by shoppers are shown at the bottom of the order detail page as well as at the bottom of all invoices, receipts and packing slips under the heading "Custom Fields" Read More

Where is the coupon code entered?

The coupon code is entered by the user at checkout. There is a coupon field at the top of the same page where the payment and shipping type are selected. If you are not seeing the coupon field please make sure it is enabled from General > Checkout Settings check the box labeled Accept Coupons. Read More

Which browsers are compatible with the store editor?

The store building tool is compatible with the following browsers: Opera, Firefox, IE, Netscape, Camino, Mozilla, Safari The built-in editor tool requires one of the following browsers: IE5.5+ (Windows) Latest version of Netscape, Mozilla & Firefox (Windows & Mac OS X) If your browser is not supported by the editor you can turn off the... Read More

Why accept credit cards?

Accepting Credit Cards Facts: 80% of the world buys products and services on credit. Over 87% of all Internet customers use credit cards and businesses lose sales over 60% of the time if they don't accept credit card payment ! The ability to accept credit cards WILL DETERMINE the level of your company's online success... Read More

Why are items are not adding to the customers cart?

If your customers are having trouble adding items to their carts the culprit is usually frames. Many times the merchant did not knowingly add frames but their domain name registrar is adding them because of how a domain name is pointing at the store. If you have asked your registrar to use url redirection with masking, in other words point www.dom... Read More

Why are some items not sent to Google Shopping?

Google Shopping does not accept the following types of items:
  • Items with a price of 0 or less
  • Items without a valid department
  • Items out of stock
  • Items marked as not visible
  • Items without descriptions.
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