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Adding Products

Upon completing this article, you should be able to:
  1. Understand the role of Departments in your Store 
  2. Create Departments for your Store
  3. Edit Departments for your Store
  4. Create Sub Departments for your Store
  5. Create Products
  6. Add Products to Departments
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Can I change the way the departments are displayed?

To change the layout of the departments please go to Inventory > Departments > Layout. You can either choose from one of the available layouts or make your own custom layout for departments. Read More

Can I put multiple items on a single line instead of 1 per row?

Yes, you may have up to 5 items or departments per row. To change the number of items/departments per row please go to General --> Item Settings and choose Item List option. Read More

Do I have to add both a retail and cost, for each item?

No, you don't need both prices. The retail price is what is shown to your customers while the cost is merely used for order reports to determine your profit margin. Adding a cost will help us more accurately determine your profits for reports but it is not required. Read More

How are item attributes exported with orders?

Item attributes are exported as part of the item name in the order export. Attributes are not exported as separate columns. Read More

How can I adjust the order of the attribute classes?

You cannot change the order of the attribute classes. The classes are automatically displayed in alphabetical order. You may change the order of items within a drop-down box by using the view order. Read More

How can I control the order that the items are shown in?

By default items are shown in alphabetical order. You can override this alphabetical order by entering a view order for each item. The view order will be used to sort items, ie a view order of 1 would be shown before a view order of 2 and so on. If 2 items have the same view order a secondary alphabetical sort will be used... Read More

How can I hide the quantity box for my items?

To hide the quantity go to Inventory--> Items--> Layout. Select the radio button for a custom layout and remove -+ from the layout code. Read More

How can I remove items from my inventory?

Search for the item to delete and then select the Delete link to remove a single item. To delete multiple items at once check the box on the right most column for each item to delete and then press the "Delete Selected" button given at the bottom of the page. Once an item is deleted it cannot be restored... Read More

How do I add a department?

To add a department to your store go to Inventory > Departments > Add.
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How do I add items?

To add an item to your store please visit Inventory > Items > Add Read More

How do I change item prices?

To modify an items price go to Inventory > Items  > View/Edit. Search for the item you want to edit and click on the edit link. Change the retail price field as appropriate and hit save. This will automatically update the item throughout your store with the new price. Read More

How do I edit departments?

To edit a department select Inventory --> Departments --> View/Edit. Click on the edit link next to the department you want to edit. Read More

How do I remove the A-Z jump links from the page?

To remove the A-Z links from the item pages please visit General > Item Settings.  Select the A-Z Jump Links tab and select HIDE jump to links above items. Read More

How do I setup special pricing for certain customers?

In the store administration select Marketing > Promotions and select the "Add Promotion”. The screen provides fields for you to input a promotion name and promotion properties. Input the properties of this promotion including the start and end dates, whether this promotion is for free or discounted items and which items are included then choose... Read More

How does the item search work?

The item search will search through your items small and large description, item name, item sku and user definable fields to look for matches to what is entered for the keywords. It will further restrict the returned results if the customer also chooses department and price ranges and/or skus to search for. Read More

How does the pin delivery work?

The item pin delivery system enables the sending of a unique code or pin when an item is purchased. Pin delivery can be used for things like phone cards with unique activation codes, software programs with serial keys and so on. Pins can be imported into the system and associated with individual items. Each pin can only be used once and once a pin... Read More

How many products can I add?

The product limit depends on the plan that the store is subscribed to. Most current customers are on the Unlimited plan which has no limit for items or departments... Read More

How to setup automatic file download?

Merchants can setup automatic download of software files upon successful purchase. Customers who have successfully completed a purchase will be given a link to download the software file. This link is protected and the customer must be logged in, in order to use the download link. To setup automatic software download you must first upload the file... Read More

How we control how many products are displayed per page?

To control how many products within each department are displayed per page, go to General > Item Settings. By default, products are set to 10 down and 1 across. You can change the number of items to display across and down on a page from the item list section. Read More

Is there way to diplay item but disable them from purchasing it?

General > Item Settings and in "Out of Stock Items" select "SHOW out of stock items" this will keep the items showing even if they are sold out.

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Item attributes

This article will show you how to add options to an item, for instance size, color etc You need this because you want your customers to be able to choose from a list of options for an item... Read More

Item attributes - advanced

This article will show you:
  • Showing attributes as drop downs vs radio buttons
  • Selecting a default choice
  • Using another item from inventory
  • Options that are a different price
  • Options that are a different weight
  • Keeping track of the quantity
  • Setting a SKU for attributes
  • Hidden fields
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Item Weight

This article will show you how to define the weight of an item. You need this because you want to define the weight of items for calculating shipping based on weight... Read More

I've added new items and I can't see them?

If your items aren't showing up after adding them you should check to make sure that you assigned them to at least one department from Inventory > Items > View/Edit From the search screen click on the item which is not being displayed and select Edit. From the Edit screen the fourth field at the top is the department... Read More

My customers can't order because it always says the item is out of stock

If the item is not actually out of stock but the cart is saying it is then from the item edit screen make sure that the Stock field is equal to the number of items currently in stock and the Control # is equal to 0 or the number of items in stock where you wish to stop selling at... Read More

Show items on the home page

This article will show you how to add an item to your store home page. You need this because you want to feature an item on the front page of the store... Read More

What are the extended data fields used for?

The extended data fields can be used to store information about an item that is not captured elsewhere. This information could be something specific to your type of item or something for display purposes etc... Read More

What are the maximum number of characters allowed for the PIN?

Maximum 20 characters are allowed for PIN. Read More

What are the user defined fields used for?

User defined fields are used for questions that don't have a predefined list of choices but require customer input. For example user defined fields can be used to ask the customer for a name to be used for personalization of an item, date of birth etc... Read More

What is custom pricing?

Custom pricing allows the customer to put in their own price for the item rather then the item having a set price. this could be used to pay for items you specifically quote offline or sometimes for auction payments where you dont know the total, etc. When custom pricing is enabled there will be a field for the customer to enter their price rather... Read More

What unit of measurement is to be used for item weight?

If you are using real-time shipping the weight entered must be in pounds. If however you are using one of the calculated shipping methods you may enter the weight in any unit of measurement that you choose as long as you are consistent. To enter a fraction of a pound please use decimal numbers, i.e. 1 and a half pounds would be entered as 1.5 Read More

Why are items are not adding to the customers cart?

If your customers are having trouble adding items to their carts the culprit is usually frames. Many times the merchant did not knowingly add frames but their domain name registrar is adding them because of how a domain name is pointing at the store. If you have asked your registrar to use url redirection with masking, in other words point www.dom... Read More

Why do I need departments?

Organizing your products into departments is essential to the success of your online store. Making the products customers are looking for easy to find makes their online shopping experience a pleasure, rather than an ordeal. Frustrated customers won’t come back. If you analyze a typical department store, you’ll see that products are organized and... Read More

Why do my small images show up so large on the item view?

The store does not resize your images once they are uploaded. All images are shown in their original size so if you are seeing a larger image than you thought it is because that is the actual size of the image. If you would like for your images to be smaller you should resize them before uploading... Read More