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What are the user defined fields used for?

User defined fields are used for questions that don't have a predefined list of choices but require customer input. For example user defined fields can be used to ask the customer for a name to be used for personalization of an item, date of birth etc. 

Getting Started
From within the StoreSecured store admin section go to Inventory > Items > View/Edit. Click on the Edit link for one of the items that you wish to edit. Scroll down to see the UDF (User Defined Feilds) option. 
Note: If you cannot see the user defined fields option in item edit area you can enable it using the settings link.
Click here for additional help on using settings to show/hide fields.

The user defined field name is shown to the customer above the textbox where the user can enter their information. This is used to explain what the customer should enter into the field. Enter the name of the user defined field into the Name box and then select the Add Name link. Figure 1 shows the name option for the user defined field. 

Figure 2 shows an example of an item in with 2 user defined fields. Note that the name is displayed above the text box. 

You can add an unlimited number of user defined fields to collect different data from the customer. Figure 3 shows the user defined field list which lists all of the current user defined fields for an item. 

The arrows to the right of the user defined field list can be used to sort the fields in the order that they should be displayed. Click on the name in the list that you would like to move up or down and then use the arrows to move it. See Figure 4.

To edit an existing user defined field name click on the name in the user defined fields list then change the name and hit the Edit Name link. See Figure 5.

Once the name is changed it will be shown in the fields list as the updated name. See Figure 6 which shows the refreshed UDF list with Name changed to Baby Name.

You can also change the formatting of the user defined field. Click on the user defined field you want to change the formatting on. You can choose to display the user defined field as a textarea or textbox. A textarea is a multi-line text box or you can choose the regular textbox and give it some formatting such as a size and/or maxlength etc. Figure 7 shows an example in which the Name UDF is changed from text area to a textbox and the size is set to 14 and "maxlength" to 12. 

To save the formatting changes click the save format link. Figure 8 shows the "Save Format" link.

To remove a field from the UDF List click on the field name and then click the Remove Selected link. To remove all of the fields from the list click on the Remove All link. Both remove links are shown in Figure 9.

Legacy Users using old item edit mode
To add user defined fields go to Inventory > Items > Search. Search for the item that you want to edit and click on "Advance Edit" option next to it. Click on the User fields tab and check the "Use" option to enable it, give it a name and save to make changes to the item.