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Item attributes

This article will show you:
1. How to add options to an item, for instance size, color etc

You need this because:
2. You want your customers to be able to choose from a list of options for an item.

You may have a variety of products in your online store, and each product may have a variety of unique properties. For instance, if you're selling t-shirts, you'll want to present customers with available colors and sizes. The properties of each product are called Attributes and the value of each attribute, such as green for color or large for size, are called attribute values.

Basic Example:
In this basic example we will cover the core options of the attribute add section. We will add a blue color and small size choice for T shirt.

1. Login to the administrator panel and select Inventory…>Items…>View Edit 

2. Click on the Edit link next to the item for which you want to add attributes 

3. Scroll down and click on the link next to Attributes under advanced options.
**If you cannot see the Attributes label under the Advanced heading enable it by using the Settings link at the top right corner of the page.  
For further assistance on this topic see Show and hide fields for editing

4. Click on "Add the first attribute for this item" link

5. First let's create a new dropdown for Color with one of the options as Blue.  Select the radio button for New Class and then enter Color in the Attribute Class field.

6. Enter "Blue" in the Attribute Value field

7. For now leave the other fields set to the defaults and Select the "Add & add another" button.  This will save the new attribute you can add another.  

8. Select the New Class radio button again and this time in the Attribute Class field enter size.

9. Enter small in Attribute Value field

10. Leave the other fields set to the default values and select the "Add this attribute" button 

The shirt item now contains the 2 drop downs we just added, one for Color with a value of Blue and one for Size with a value of small.  Repeat this process for each of the options that are available for the shirt to complete the drop downs.

As you're adding attributes you may come across special cases that are not covered above.  Here's how to: 
Add item attributes - Advanced