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Can I redirect using a .htaccess file?

No, .htaccess files are for Unix servers and we do not use Unix servers. Instead of an .htaccess file create a text file named "redirect.txt" and place it in the root folder. The format to redirect the old URL to new url is: old url|new url...

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Can I use fonts other then those shown?

Yes, you can use other fonts but you might not want to do so. The choices of fonts for formatting text in your store are the basic fonts which are included on all computers by default. If you chose a font that was not installed on a users computer, ie something only you have installed then although it would look nice to you it might NOT look good... Read More

Can I use my own html for the home page?

This article will show you:
  • How to customize the content on the store home page.
  • How to use a custom html file for the home page.
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Can the store create thumbnails for item small pictures?

This article will show you:
  • How to automatically generate thumbnails of a certain size for your item images.
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FTP setup instructions

Basic FTP details including username, password, ftp host etc can be found under "General > FTP". If you have never used FTP and need a program to use for free we recommend FileZilla... Read More

How can I change my admin password?

This article will show you:
How to change your admin password. You need this because you want to change the password for your administrator login.
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How can I manually edit the html?

To turn off the editors click on the "Hide Editor" button in the top navigation menu. This will remove all editors from your store. Turn the editor back on at anytime by clicking on the "Show Editor" button in the top navigation bar. When the editors are hidden you will see only straight html text boxes... Read More

How can I move images into a folder?

Go to Design > File Manager > Move Files/Folders and find the image you wish to move to a new folder, click on the Move link next to the appropriate image. On right hand side you can select the folder path to which the images will be moved. Click on the "Click To Move Files/Folders" button, the image will then be moved... Read More

How can I retrieve a lost username and password for admin area?

If you have forgotten your username and/or password you can have them emailed to the email address on file for your account. Go to the forgot password screen and then enter your email address to receive the username and password via email... Read More

How can I temporarily close my store?

This article will show you:
  • How to temporarily close a store...
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How do I add admin accounts for employees?

This article will show you:
  • How to add admin accounts
  • How to give the accounts limited or full access to certain or all areas of the store administration panel.
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How do I publish my store?

All site's are automatically published on the web immediately. Click on the "Go To Site" button at the top of the admin area to be taken directly to your site or type the site URL into your browser's address bar. Some merchants assume their site is not published when they search for it in Google and no results appear. It normally takes... Read More

Show and hide fields for editing

This article will show you: How to show fields that are needed for editing or hide fields that are not used. You need this because: You want to edit a field and do not see it. You want to simplify the edit forms and hide fields that you never use... Read More

What is the best format for images, gif, jpg, png?

All image formats are supported, the most widely used formats are BMP, GIF, JPG JPEG and PNG. For the web any of these are fine except for BMP which is not optimized for load time. GIF - Lossless / Indexed only GIF uses lossless compression, meaning that you can save the image over and over and never lose any data... Read More

What size should item images be?

The actual size of images in your store is dependent on your specific store requirements however as a general rule of thumb we recommend that the small or thumbnail image should be 100-150 pixels and the large image should be approximately 300-400 pixels. These are generic numbers that work well for most stores... Read More