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Show and hide fields for editing

This article will show you:
  1. How to show fields that are needed for editing or hide fields that are not used.
You need this because:
  1. You want to edit a field and do not see it.
  2. You want to simplify the edit forms and hide fields that you never use.

Several pages have a Settings link at the top right as indicated in the figure below. The Settings link can be used to enable/disable various fields on the add/edit screen depending on your personal usage. You can enable the fields you regularly use and disable those that you do not use. This is normally a one-time action where you setup the page to show those fields that you will be using or hide those fields that you will not be using. 

1. Login to the administrator panel and select "Inventory-->Items-->View/Edit".
2. Click on the "Edit" link for one of the items that you wish to edit. On the item edit screen at the top right you will see the "Settings" link. 

3. Click on the "Settings" link to open up the settings box displaying which fields can be shown and hidden. A preview of what the settings area looks like is shown in Figure below. 

4. The figure below shows an example where the "Short Description” field is hidden because the check box next to "Short Description" in the settings area has been unchecked. 

5. To show the hidden field, check the box next to that field in the settings area. The figure below shows the "Short Description” field is now enabled for editing because the check box has been enabled in the settings area for short description. 

6. Do this for as many fields as you need to show or hide to customize the edit form.