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Add third party affiliate/sales conversion tracking

This article will show you how to implement affiliate and/or sales conversion tracking to your store. You need this because you want to add tracking when sales are completed... Read More

Can I have my own affiliate program?

Yes! You can start your own affiliate program to allow customers to send visitors to your own site and get paid. The built-in affiliate program will allow new affiliates to signup, capture their information on registration, create unique referral links to be used by each of your affiliates and then track which affiliate referred a visitor... Read More

Do I have to sign up for search engines?

It is not a requirement to submit your site to search engines but it is a good idea if you wish to get traffic from them. Search engines can bring you highly targetted traffic that is looking for what you are selling. And the best part about it, is that its usually free traffic... Read More

Does the store builder include free marketing?

The store builder does not automatically market for you but we do provide the tools necessary to do this for yourself as well as automation tools that will make your life easier...
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Google conversion tracking

Go to General > Statistics Settings. Then check the box to Enable Google Analytics and enter in your Google Analytics Number and then Hit Save... Read More

How can I add Google Conversion tracking?

Go to General > Statistics Settings and then Check the box to Enable Google Analytics. Then Enter in your Google Analytics Number and hit Save... Read More

How can I exchange links with your site?

Please note that we only accept links from sites who fit into one of the categories listed as similar sites.  If your site does not fit into the categories listed it will be rejected... Read More

How can I let customers know about the available coupons?

There isn't 1 specific right or wrong way to send out coupons.  This is highly dependent on the store owner and their preferences.  A few ideas for coupon distribution include... Read More

How do electronic gift certificates work?

Electronic gift certificates allow your customers to purchase pre-defined gift certificate amounts and receive an electronic code for later use or as a gift. These gift certificate codes are automatically sent to the user upon a successfully verified order and can be used for later purchases in your store just like a coupon. Unlike coupons though... Read More

How do I get my store listed in Google?

There is no magical formula for getting listed in Google but certain things can help. The most important thing you can do to get listed in Google is to exchange links with other sites. The second most important thing to do is have patience. Normal indexing time for Google is approximately 8 weeks. Read More

How do I get search engines to list my site?

How do I get search engines to list my website? So you’ve set up your store, you're ready to sell your items but you don’t have a whole lot of visitors or maybe you don’t have any visitors. The single most valuable method of getting visitors to your site is through search engines. Read More

How do I get visitors to my store?

In addition to search engines there are many other methods of site promotion that you can use to get your site noticed. It’s a good idea to diversify your marketing campaign so that you don’t rely to heavily on a single method of marketing... Read More

How do I send a newsletter?

To send out a newsletter please visit Marketing > Newsletter > Send. You will then be prompted to choose who to send the newsletter to and given an area to write your newsletter content. Please note that you may choose to send your newsletter to your newsletter subscribers, all customers or any of your defined customer groups. If sending to customers the newsletter will only be sent to those customers who checked the box indicating they wanted promotional emails... Read More

How do I upload a site map to the search engines?

The sitemap is automatically created by the system and you can use it for submission to google and other major search engines. Just add auto_sitemap.xml after your store url. The sitemap for your store can be located at auto_sitemap.xml. Just give this address in the location of the sitemap and google will pick it up... Read More

How does the rewards program work?

The rewards program will credit the shopper with a certain percentage of each sale, i.e. if you setup the rewards program at 1% and the customer orders $100 in merchandise they would have $1 in their rewards account... Read More

How long will it take before my site is listed by search engines?

Search engine listings can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to appear.  To make it easier for search engines to find your site exchange links with other complimentary sites. Exchanging links with other sites will ensure that spiders already indexing the complimentary sites will more easily find your site. Read More

I sent out a mass email using the mailmerge but not everyone received it?

The mail merge feature will send emails only to those customers who have indicated that they want to receive promotional emails. To change the promotional email setting or view its current value for a particular customer, go to Customers --> Groups --> View/Edit.
Click on the Edit link for the customer you want to view order change settings for.
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Is there a reseller or affiliate program for the store builder?

Yes, we do have an affiliate program. You can promote the site builder and receive residual income for as long as the customer keeps their storefront. We pay $5 per month per account. There is no cost to join... Read More

Separate wholesale or special pricing for different groups

This article will show you how to add different prices for different groups of customers and how to add wholesale prices. You need this because you want to offer different pricing depending on the customer who is logged in... Read More

Tracking and/or affiliate software

If the tracking or affiliate software is HTML or Javascript to track sales conversions, you will need to put that into your receipt page header or footer. To add information to the receipt header or footer go to Design-->Pages -->View/Edit and select the edit link for the receipt page. Then insert your html or javascript code into the header or footer text box... Read More

What are banners and how do they work?

Banners are normally used to display an image promoting another site or offer to your customer. A banner is essentially an image that is linked to a website address. Banners can be set to display at only certain times of the day, days of the week or between certain days... Read More

What is a coupon?

A coupon is a unique alphanumeric code that a user can enter at checkout to be given a specific discount. A coupon can be for either a certain percentage off or a flat amount off the total order. To add a new coupon please visit Marketing > Coupons > Add. Read More

What is affiliate marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing? In a nutshell, Affiliate Marketing is a referral-based marketing strategy (also called "revenue sharing"), in which Merchants pay Affiliates commissions for referring business to the Merchant's website. Merchants do not pay for advertising with their Affiliates until a sale or visit occurs... Read More

What is the froogle feed?

Froogle was a shopping portal purchased by Google. Froogle is the same as Google Base. Google Base is a free service for merchants to list their products on line. The store builder will automatically send your products to Google Base every 24 hours for listing in their shopping service. Merchants can setup and enable a Google Base data feed from Marketing --> Google Base.... Read More

Where is the coupon code entered?

The coupon code is entered by the user at checkout. There is a coupon field at the top of the same page where the payment and shipping type are selected. If you are not seeing the coupon field please make sure it is enabled from General > Checkout Settings check the box labeled Accept Coupons. Read More

Why are some items not sent to Google Shopping?

Google Shopping does not accept the following types of items:
  • Items with a price of 0 or less
  • Items without a valid department
  • Items out of stock
  • Items marked as not visible
  • Items without descriptions.
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Why hasn't my Google shopping feed been sent?

If the Google shopping feed is enabled but no last feed time is shown this means that the feed was unsuccessful.  The most common reason for an unsuccessful feed is that the username or password entered in the setup is incorrect... Read More