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How do electronic gift certificates work?

Electronic gift certificates allow your customers to purchase pre-defined gift certificate amounts and receive an electronic code for later use or as a gift. These gift certificate codes are automatically sent to the user upon a successfully verified order and can be used for later purchases in your store just like a coupon. Unlike coupons though the unused amount on a gift certificate will remain and can be used at a later date. Gift certificate codes are automatically generated by the system upon a successful purchase.

To create a gift certificate first create an inventory item with a price equal to the total amount of the gift certificate.  Ie as an example call it a $20 gift certificate, and set the retail price to $20.  Enable user defined fields named email and message to capture a message to the user and the recipients email address.  Set the cost of the item to 0 as there is no cost for you in making the gift certificate.

Next go to "Marketing-->Gift Certificates-->Add" and create the gift certificate with the same amount as the item you created in the first step.  If the amount is not the same this will not create an error but will allow the user to possibly pay more for the gift certificate then it is worth or vice versa.  In the gift certificate item box select the item created in the previous step.  This associates the item with the gift certificate so that when the item is purchased it will make a gift certificate automatically.

When the purchase is verified (ie paid) the system will automatically send the gift certificate code to the user.  The recipient may redeem the gift certificate by entering the gift certificate code in the coupon box at checkout.  The gift certificate can continue to be used until the balance is 0 or the expiration date is reached, whichever comes first.

**Please note that any item denoted as a gift certificate will have shipping and taxes automatically waived, shipping and taxes will instead be charged when the gift certificate is redeemed.

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