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Add third party affiliate/sales conversion tracking

This article will show you:
1. How to implement affiliate and/or sales conversion tracking to your store.

You need this because:
1. You want to add tracking when sales are completed.

Affiliate tracking software is usually HTML or Javascript based and can be added onto any existing website.  To track sales the affiliate software will normally need to be added to the receipt page header and/or footer.
  1. Log in to the administrator panel and select "Design-->Pages -->View/Edit"
  2. Select the "Edit" link for the receipt page.
  3. Insert your html or javascript code into the header or footer text box depending on what your software requests.
  4. ​Select the "Save this page" button to save changes.
If your tracking code supports it there are a few keywords you can insert to provide the order id and totals.
  1. %OBJ_TOTAL_OBJ% = Order grand total
  2. %OBJ_SUBTOTAL_OBJ% = Order sub total
  3. %% = Order Id

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