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How do I get search engines to list my site?

How do I get search engines to list my website?

So you’ve set up your store, you're ready to sell your items but you don’t have a whole lot of visitors or maybe you don’t have any visitors. The single most valuable method of getting visitors to your site is through search engines. Not only can search engines give you the most traffic they also bring highly targeted leads, people who actually want your product or service and are actively searching for it. Unfortunately getting listed in search engines is not an easy task. There are millions of other websites vying for the same visitors, so how do you win those visitors.

Meta Tags

Easystorecreator allows you to specify keywords and description text for each and every page. Each page should be optimized for up to 2-3 keywords that are relevant to your site. It takes a great deal of time and patience to choose appropriate keywords and set them up for each and every page but these words are very important to your sites search engine listings.

Page Content

The text on each page is very important to your search engine listings. The keywords you are optimizing each page for should be weaved throughout the page and formed into actual content that will benefit your visitors. Use the keywords in links, in different forms and in heading and image names. Be careful not to overdue it. Each search engine has different limits on search engine density and if they think you are spamming their engine you could be banned forever from their listings.

Choosing Keywords

One of the most important things to do before submitting your site to search engines is to make sure you have chosen good keywords. Keywords should be very specific. General keywords are much more difficult to get listed under and will not bring the targeted traffic you desire. Not only should you choose specific keywords but also you can use a keyword selection tool such as Wordtracker to help you choose keywords that have a higher Kei. Kei is a measure of a keywords competition versus number of searches performed. Keywords with a higher Kei are more beneficial to optimize pages for.

Do Research

Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and there are thousands of websites that go into great detail about how to get listed and what to do. Don’t just read one article ready many different articles to get a variety of ideas and different points of view. The optimization process is never ending, you should always be trying new things and monitoring your results. We recommend AgentWebRanking, which will enable you to run reports of your current rankings and track your progress over time.

Get Reciprocal Links

Search engines are increasingly placing more value on the number of links pointing to your website. Reciprocal links are links from other websites to your site. Search engines see these links as votes for your site. The more popular the site is that links to you the more votes it is seen as. To find reciprocal link partners contact websites that sell products or services that are complimentary to yours but do not compete and ask them to put a link to your site and you will do the same. You should also search for directory sites and seek placement in those directories.

Be Patient

Getting listed on search engines takes time and cannot be done overnight.  The more competitive your industry is the longer it will take to get listed.  Register a domain name early to build age points and publish the site before you are fully ready to give the search engines time to start indexing your site.