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Add new email inbox

This article will show you:
1. How to add a new email inbox

You need this because:
1. You want to create additional inbox's for new employees.

1. Log in to the administrator panel and select "General-->Email-->Setup Instructions"

2. Select the "Login to Manage Email" button.  A new window will popup for the email server automatically logged in as the mail admin.

3. In the new mail window select "Settings-->Domain Settings-->Users"

4. Select the "New" button

5. Enter the new email users information as below:
  • Username = The user's email address, ie [email protected]
  • Password = The user's password (the user can change this once the account is setup)
  • Display Name = The name of the sender, not required
  • Reply-To Email Address = The email address to use for replies, leave blank to use the username
  • Time Zone = The user's time zone
  • Backup Email Address = A separate email address for easier forgotten password retrieval, not required

6. All other fields are optional and can be left as is.

7. Select the "Save" button

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