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Are there any cancellation fees or contracts to sign?

There are no cancellation fees, you may cancel your store at any time. There are no contracts to sign... Read More

Are you PCI Compliant?

Yes, StoreSecured is PCI compliant please see the attached most recent PCI Compliance Certificate.

This does not however mean that you do not have to be PCI compliant yourself. Most gateway/merchant account providers require that each store conduct their own PCI compliance scan, questionnaire etc in addition to ensuring that services that you use are PCI Compliant.
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Can customers choose to add insurance?

The store builder does not explicitly have options for choosing shipping insurance or not. To simulate insurance costs, shipping methods can be created with additional add on costs that would cover insurance and the shipping method names can be modified to include the word insurance in the name to designate that the shipping includes insurance. Read More

Can I add a favicon?

Yes, to add a favicon follow the steps below: 1. Create an image 16 X 16 pixels in size. 2. Save the image with the name favicon.ico 3. Use FTP to upload the image to the website_root directory Read More

Can I add a signature line to my emails?

Yes, you may add a signature line if your email program supports it. Please refer to the documentation for your email program for details on how to set up a signature line... Read More

Can I add fields at checkout?

This article will show you how to add additional fields as part of the checkout process. You need this because you want to ask the shopper questions as part of checkout or collect additional information per order... Read More

Can I add flash, javascript, java or css to my store?

Yes, the store supports Flash, Javascript and CSS. Programming languages like Java, Perl, PHP and ASP scripts are not allowed and will be blocked from upload. Read More

Can I add music to my site?

Before you start, you should be aware that background music that automatically starts playing when a web page is loaded may not be appreciated by a large number of your visitors. Some of them, when greeted with the sudden blaring of music from their speakers, may immediately hit the BACK button of their browsers...
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Can I add the cart to an existing site?

Yes, the shopping cart can be used with an existing site or standalone. There are 3 main methods of adding the cart with an existing site. 1. Add a link to the existing site that says something like "Click here to shop now" or "Shop Now" and link it to the cart. This is the easiest and usually the first step most new merchants take... Read More

Can I change the url of the continue shopping button?

This article will show you how to change the location that the continue shopping button directs the user to. You need this because you want to have the user always go to a specific url after they hit the continue shopping button. Read More

Can I change the way the departments are displayed?

To change the layout of the departments please go to Inventory > Departments > Layout. You can either choose from one of the available layouts or make your own custom layout for departments. Read More

Can I create custom navigation?

Advanced users can make custom navigation by copying and pasting the coding in the template to use it in the store. Making your own navigation is a very advanced functionality and is not recommended for users without HTML knowledge. To add your custom navigation, add an HTML text object in the template and paste the coding of the custom navigation... Read More

Can I disable the popup item image lightbox?

Yes, if you do not want to show the built in light box functionality for item images insert the following code in the browse_item_details.asp page. Read More

Can I enter multiple tracking numbers into one shipping notification?

There is no automatic way to add multiple tracking numbers but it is possible 2 different ways.
  • When an order is marked as shipped there is an option to send the email notification to the customer and the notification is editable, multiple tracking codes can be entered directly into the email that is sent to the customer.
  • Mark the order as p...
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Can I have my own affiliate program?

Yes! You can start your own affiliate program to allow customers to send visitors to your own site and get paid. The built-in affiliate program will allow new affiliates to signup, capture their information on registration, create unique referral links to be used by each of your affiliates and then track which affiliate referred a visitor... Read More

Can I move the coupon box or highlight it?

The coupon code box cannot be moved but advanced users can apply CSS in the page head section to format the coupon box. Read More

Can I put multiple items on a single line instead of 1 per row?

Yes, you may have up to 5 items or departments per row. To change the number of items/departments per row please go to General --> Item Settings and choose Item List option. Read More

Can I redirect using a .htaccess file?

No, .htaccess files are for Unix servers and we do not use Unix servers. Instead of an .htaccess file create a text file named "redirect.txt" and place it in the root folder. The format to redirect the old URL to new url is: old url|new url...

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Can I setup separate shipping for Alaska and Hawaii?

Yes, you can setup separate shipping for Alaska and Hawaii. When creating shipping methods first use the zip code range to create a continental US option with the zip code range for the continental US and then create another shipping method with the zip code range for Alaska and Hawaii. For each shipping method specify the related fees... Read More

Can I track my returns in the reports?

No at the moment there is no report that indicates the returns. You can see the total sales and profit loss from Orders …>Report. In this report, returns are not included as sales. You can search the returned orders from Orders > Search... Read More

Can I use fonts other then those shown?

Yes, you can use other fonts but you might not want to do so. The choices of fonts for formatting text in your store are the basic fonts which are included on all computers by default. If you chose a font that was not installed on a users computer, ie something only you have installed then although it would look nice to you it might NOT look good... Read More

Can I use frames?

Technically yes, frames can be used, however it is not recommended. Browsers cannot tell if a site is secure if you are using frames, therefore even if a page is secure and you are using frames your customers will be unable to see that it is secure and will get a warning to that effect... Read More

Can I use my own html for the home page?

This article will show you:
  • How to customize the content on the store home page.
  • How to use a custom html file for the home page.
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Can items purchased from different shipping locations be shown on the same order invoice?

No, to quote correct shipping charges when items are shipped from multiple locations they will be automatically split into different orders. Read More

Can the store create thumbnails for item small pictures?

This article will show you:
  • How to automatically generate thumbnails of a certain size for your item images.
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Can the websites be set up with different denominations of currency?

No, StoreSecured supports only 1 currency at a time. Read More

Can you register a domain name for me?

No, we are not an accredited domain name registrar. You will need to register your domain name with a 3rd party registrar and then update the nameservers to point to your store. We recommend GoDaddy for domain name registration. Read More

Copy the design from an existing site into the store?

Yes, you can customize the design to match an existing site design. There are two ways to integrate your own design. First. You may use the site builder tool to build the design to match your existing site. Go to Design --> Template --> Add. Give your template a name and a description to help you remember what this template is for... Read More

Do I have to add both a retail and cost, for each item?

No, you don't need both prices. The retail price is what is shown to your customers while the cost is merely used for order reports to determine your profit margin. Adding a cost will help us more accurately determine your profits for reports but it is not required. Read More

Do I have to sign up for search engines?

It is not a requirement to submit your site to search engines but it is a good idea if you wish to get traffic from them. Search engines can bring you highly targetted traffic that is looking for what you are selling. And the best part about it, is that its usually free traffic... Read More

Do I need a domain name?

It is not required to register a domain name but it does look more professional. A free sub-domain name is given to all stores, ie at signup. Read More

Do I need a SSL certificate?

All stores include a free shared SSL certificate, a separate certificate is not needed. The shared SSL certificate is automatically activated for each store and no special setup is required. This SSL certificate will protect your customers sensitive information using a 128 bit secure connection which is the highest level of security available com... Read More

Do I need to use Paypals IPN functionality?

You should not need to configure the IPN within Paypal. The store does use IPN but this is setup automatically when a transaction is sent to Paypal. If you have previously disabled IPN you will need to re enable it... Read More

Do you allow stores that sell adult items?

Yes, we do allow adult stores. Please ensure that what you are selling is legal in the country in which you are based and complies with all local laws. Read More

Do you guarantee server uptime?

There is no up-time guarantee but the servers are closely monitored for any signs of downtime and problems are immediately corrected. Our average up-time over the past 6 months is 99.96% Read More

Do you offer a free trial?

We offer a full 45 day no risk trial. If you are unhappy for any reason simply request a full refund within the trial period. If you would like to try out any of our services... Read More

Do you offer auto-responders?

Yes, you can setup an auto-responder for any of your email addresses. To setup an auto-responder... Read More

Do you offer technical support?

Yes, we offer free email and toll-free technical support to all of our clients. In addition we have this FAQ database that you are currently searching, live online chat, context sensitive help and video tutorials... Read More

Do you place ads on my site?

No, we do not place any advertisements, popups etc onto your site. The site is yours to do whatever you want with and you may put your own ads onto the site but the store builder will not force you to display any ads that you do not wish to display. By default no ads will be displayed on your site. Read More

Do you provide products to sell?

No we don’t provide products. You will have to get your own products. If you don’t have your own products try searching for drop shippers that offer products that you want to sell. Drop shippers offer products at wholesale prices and handle the shipping of the products as well. The advantage of using a drop shipper is that you don’t have to buy pro... Read More

Does the store builder include free marketing?

The store builder does not automatically market for you but we do provide the tools necessary to do this for yourself as well as automation tools that will make your life easier...
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Does the store builder support multiple languages?

The default content of the store is automatically created in English and cannot be changed. Content can be inserted in a different language above or below the existing content but existing the existing pre-created content cannot be changed and there is no language switch ability. Read More

Does the store support multiple currencies?

While the store can support any currency you want it can support only 1 currency at a time. To support multiple currencies you must open multiple stores each with their own currency. Note that even if your store supports only 1 currency shoppers from all over the world will be able to make purchases... Read More

Does the store support multiple domain names?

A single store can support unlimited domain names. Follow the instructions to Register/transfer custom domain name for each domain name that should point at the store. Please note that all domain names in a single store will point to the same home page and will utilize the same template. Read More

How are item attributes exported with orders?

Item attributes are exported as part of the item name in the order export. Attributes are not exported as separate columns. Read More

How can a customer change their own password?

This article will show you how to allow store shoppers to change their own password. You need this because you want to allow store customers to change their passwords or other information... Read More

How can I add Google Conversion tracking?

Go to General > Statistics Settings and then Check the box to Enable Google Analytics. Then Enter in your Google Analytics Number and hit Save... Read More

How can I adjust the order of the attribute classes?

You cannot change the order of the attribute classes. The classes are automatically displayed in alphabetical order. You may change the order of items within a drop-down box by using the view order. Read More

How can I block a domain?

A domain cannot be blocked. You can find the IP address of the domain and ban by IP address. To find the IP address of a domain name click on the start button in your computer then go to run option, type in cmd and enter to open command prompt. Enter command "nslookup” and press enter to find the IP addresses of this domain name.. Read More

How can I change a customer’s user name and password?

Go to Customers > Search. Search the customer for which you want to change the password. Click on Edit link next to that customer. Type in the new username and password and hit "save customer” button... Read More

How can I change my admin password?

This article will show you:
How to change your admin password. You need this because you want to change the password for your administrator login.
Read More

How can I control the order that the items are shown in?

By default items are shown in alphabetical order. You can override this alphabetical order by entering a view order for each item. The view order will be used to sort items, ie a view order of 1 would be shown before a view order of 2 and so on. If 2 items have the same view order a secondary alphabetical sort will be used... Read More

How can I exchange links with your site?

Please note that we only accept links from sites who fit into one of the categories listed as similar sites.  If your site does not fit into the categories listed it will be rejected... Read More

How can I find out what my ip address is?

There are many websites that can show you your IP Address. We recommend Please note that many dialup providers and also AOL will change your IP Address each time you connect to the internet... Read More

How can I hide the quantity box for my items?

To hide the quantity go to Inventory--> Items--> Layout. Select the radio button for a custom layout and remove -+ from the layout code. Read More

How can I let customers know about the available coupons?

There isn't 1 specific right or wrong way to send out coupons.  This is highly dependent on the store owner and their preferences.  A few ideas for coupon distribution include... Read More

How can I make my own login box?

Beginners, to insert a login box use the keyword %OBJ_LOGIN_OBJ%, this will automatically insert a basic login box where the keyword is placed. Advanced users, create a custom login box... Read More

How can I make my own search box?

Beginners, to insert a search box use the keyword %OBJ_SEARCH_BOX_OBJ%, this will automatically insert a basic search box where the keyword is placed... Read More

How can I manually edit the html?

To turn off the editors click on the "Hide Editor" button in the top navigation menu. This will remove all editors from your store. Turn the editor back on at anytime by clicking on the "Show Editor" button in the top navigation bar. When the editors are hidden you will see only straight html text boxes... Read More

How can I modify customer information?

This article will show you how to modify customer information. You need this because you want to update a customer's address, password, email address etc... Read More

How can I move images into a folder?

Go to Design > File Manager > Move Files/Folders and find the image you wish to move to a new folder, click on the Move link next to the appropriate image. On right hand side you can select the folder path to which the images will be moved. Click on the "Click To Move Files/Folders" button, the image will then be moved... Read More

How can I remove items from my inventory?

Search for the item to delete and then select the Delete link to remove a single item. To delete multiple items at once check the box on the right most column for each item to delete and then press the "Delete Selected" button given at the bottom of the page. Once an item is deleted it cannot be restored... Read More

How can I retrieve a lost username and password for admin area?

If you have forgotten your username and/or password you can have them emailed to the email address on file for your account. Go to the forgot password screen and then enter your email address to receive the username and password via email... Read More

How can I temporarily close my store?

This article will show you:
  • How to temporarily close a store...
Read More

How can I translate my pages into other languages?

You can go to this page in Google and add the snippet of code to any page.
Read More

How can I turn off the customer login screen?

This article will show you how to remove the option to login. You need this because you do not want to allow customers to login, they will enter their information each time... Read More

How do customers login?

This article will show you how customers can login to their account. You need this because you want to allow store customers to login... Read More

How do electronic gift certificates work?

Electronic gift certificates allow your customers to purchase pre-defined gift certificate amounts and receive an electronic code for later use or as a gift. These gift certificate codes are automatically sent to the user upon a successfully verified order and can be used for later purchases in your store just like a coupon. Unlike coupons though... Read More

How do I add a department?

To add a department to your store go to Inventory > Departments > Add.
Read More

How do I add a form to collect user information?

This article will show you how to add a form to collect user information. You need this because you want to create a custom form to capture information from the user, for example a catalog request, information request, etc. Read More

How do I add admin accounts for employees?

This article will show you:
  • How to add admin accounts
  • How to give the accounts limited or full access to certain or all areas of the store administration panel.
Read More

How do I add items?

To add an item to your store please visit Inventory > Items > Add Read More

How do I allow redirect's to another site?

This article will show you how to remove the warning when redirecting to a third party site. You need this because you want to links to an external website and a warning keeps displaying when the link is clicked. Read More

How do I backup my site?

All store data is automatically backed up once a day and stored for 2 weeks.  This automatic backup is for the business to use in the event of a catastrophic data loss.  Individual stores cannot be automatically restored back to a point in time and as such we recommend that all clients regularly export information for their own personal use and store the exported files locally... Read More

How do I block an IP?

You can block an IP from My Account  > Block IP > Add. Read More

How do I cancel my service?

You may cancel your service at anytime and you will not be billed further. To cancel your site select My Account  >  Cancel Site. Please note that by cancelling your store all associated data will also be removed and CANNOT be restored. There is no minimum contract length and no penalties for cancelling your store. Read More

How do I change item prices?

To modify an items price go to Inventory > Items  > View/Edit. Search for the item you want to edit and click on the edit link. Change the retail price field as appropriate and hit save. This will automatically update the item throughout your store with the new price. Read More

How do I change the currency?

To change the currency in your store please visit General > Other Settings, enter in your currency symbol in the currency symbol box and click on the Save Changes button... Read More

How do I customize the top of a specific department page?

This article will show you how to customize the content at the top of the department page. You need this because you want to display an image and/or text describing the items in a department... Read More

How do I edit departments?

To edit a department select Inventory --> Departments --> View/Edit. Click on the edit link next to the department you want to edit. Read More

How do I get my store listed in Google?

There is no magical formula for getting listed in Google but certain things can help. The most important thing you can do to get listed in Google is to exchange links with other sites. The second most important thing to do is have patience. Normal indexing time for Google is approximately 8 weeks. Read More

How do I get search engines to list my site?

How do I get search engines to list my website? So you’ve set up your store, you're ready to sell your items but you don’t have a whole lot of visitors or maybe you don’t have any visitors. The single most valuable method of getting visitors to your site is through search engines. Read More

How do I get visitors to my store?

In addition to search engines there are many other methods of site promotion that you can use to get your site noticed. It’s a good idea to diversify your marketing campaign so that you don’t rely to heavily on a single method of marketing... Read More

How do I login securely?

To login securely choose the secure button after entering your username and password in the login screen. You can also change the URL in the browser window from http:// to https:// to enable a secure session. You must be logged in securely to view credit card details... Read More

How do I publish my store?

All site's are automatically published on the web immediately. Click on the "Go To Site" button at the top of the admin area to be taken directly to your site or type the site URL into your browser's address bar. Some merchants assume their site is not published when they search for it in Google and no results appear. It normally takes... Read More

How do I remove the A-Z jump links from the page?

To remove the A-Z links from the item pages please visit General > Item Settings.  Select the A-Z Jump Links tab and select HIDE jump to links above items. Read More

How do I remove the residential check box?

This article will show you how to remove the residential check box from the customer registration page. You need this because you do not want to allow customers to choose if an address is residential or not... Read More

How do I send a newsletter?

To send out a newsletter please visit Marketing > Newsletter > Send. You will then be prompted to choose who to send the newsletter to and given an area to write your newsletter content. Please note that you may choose to send your newsletter to your newsletter subscribers, all customers or any of your defined customer groups. If sending to customers the newsletter will only be sent to those customers who checked the box indicating they wanted promotional emails... Read More

How do I setup special pricing for certain customers?

In the store administration select Marketing > Promotions and select the "Add Promotion”. The screen provides fields for you to input a promotion name and promotion properties. Input the properties of this promotion including the start and end dates, whether this promotion is for free or discounted items and which items are included then choose... Read More

How do I upload a site map to the search engines?

The sitemap is automatically created by the system and you can use it for submission to google and other major search engines. Just add auto_sitemap.xml after your store url. The sitemap for your store can be located at auto_sitemap.xml. Just give this address in the location of the sitemap and google will pick it up... Read More

How do some orders get marked as verified, what does that mean?

A verified order indicates that payment has been verified. If you are processing credit cards using a real-time processor and the payment is accepted it will be instantly verified by our system. For other types of payment such as fax, check, etc it will be the store admins responsibility to mark orders as verified when the payment is actually received in hand... Read More

How does the item search work?

The item search will search through your items small and large description, item name, item sku and user definable fields to look for matches to what is entered for the keywords. It will further restrict the returned results if the customer also chooses department and price ranges and/or skus to search for. Read More

How does the pin delivery work?

The item pin delivery system enables the sending of a unique code or pin when an item is purchased. Pin delivery can be used for things like phone cards with unique activation codes, software programs with serial keys and so on. Pins can be imported into the system and associated with individual items. Each pin can only be used once and once a pin... Read More

How does the rewards program work?

The rewards program will credit the shopper with a certain percentage of each sale, i.e. if you setup the rewards program at 1% and the customer orders $100 in merchandise they would have $1 in their rewards account... Read More

How long does the activation process take?

Your store will be active from the moment it is created. Until the time the root directory of the store is created some of the features will not be active this includes email, FTP,Add new page. The time taken to create the root directory is 4 hours. In the meantime you can work on other parts of the store. *Payments made using the PayPal echeck... Read More

How long will it take before my site is listed by search engines?

Search engine listings can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to appear.  To make it easier for search engines to find your site exchange links with other complimentary sites. Exchanging links with other sites will ensure that spiders already indexing the complimentary sites will more easily find your site. Read More

How many pages can I have in my store?

There is no maximum number of pages you can feature in your store. As long as you stay within the maximum number of items, departments and space available you can add as many pages as you would like. Read More

How many products can I add?

The product limit depends on the plan that the store is subscribed to. Most current customers are on the Unlimited plan which has no limit for items or departments... Read More

How much does it cost?

Only 1 low monthly fee. There are no per transaction fees or percentage of transaction fees... Read More

How to setup automatic file download?

Merchants can setup automatic download of software files upon successful purchase. Customers who have successfully completed a purchase will be given a link to download the software file. This link is protected and the customer must be logged in, in order to use the download link. To setup automatic software download you must first upload the file... Read More
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