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Automatic email notifications

This article will show you:
1. How to setup automatic email notifications that are sent when various actions occur in the store.

You need this because:
1. You want to setup emails to occur after orders are placed, customers register etc.
2. You want to be notified when orders/registrations happen in the store.

Automatic email notifications can be setup to occur at certain pre-defined points of the ordering process. These email notifications can be sent to either the customer, merchant or both.

1. Login to the administrator panel and select "General-->Email-->Notifications".

2. First choose the "Notification format" ie html or plain text.  Html is good for sending pictures and including formatting, tables etc.

3. There are several different emails that can be sent automatically:
  • Registration Email = Sent when a new shopper registers
  • Order Notification Email = Sent when an order is completed
  • Gift Certificate Email = Sent when a gift certificate is purchased
  • Newsletter Signup Email = Sent when a new email address is subscribed to the newsletter
  • Pin Email = Sent when an item is purchased that requires a pin (ie digital download items)
  • In Stock Email = Sent to users who subscribed to be notified when an item that was out of stock is now in stock. 
  • Item Reviews Email = Sent when a new review is submitted for an item
  • Blog Comment Notifications = Sent when a new comment is posted to a blog entry that the shopper has subscribed to.
  • Blog Post Notifications = Sent to shoppers who subscribed to be notified when a new blog entry is published.
  • Abandoned Purchase = Sent x minutes after a shopper last browsed the site without completing a purchase. 
4. Each different type of email offers different options such as enable/disable email, send to admin and the "Subject" and "Body" of the email to be sent.

5. Some emails also contain special keywords which can be added to the email to automatically insert the shopper's name, email or other information relevant to the type of email.  The keywords always start and end with the % symbol and if available they are listed just above the email body field.

6. Select the "Save Changes" button to save your changes


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