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Can I add fields at checkout?

This article will show you:
1. How to add additional fields as part of the checkout process.

You need this because:
1. You want to ask the shopper questions as part of checkout or collect additional information per order.

Yes, additional fields can be added to the checkout screen, directions below:

1. Login to the administrator panel and select "General-->Custom Fields-->Add".
2. In the field labelled "Name" enter the field name to display to the user, this can be a question or statement, for instance Date of Birth or What is your birthday?

3. In the field labelled "Type" choose the type of field to use for collecting the information.  
  • Text Field is a single line free form field.  Good for short few word responses.
  • Text Area is a multiple line free form field.  Good for longer text and sentences.
  • Combo box is a drop down box.  Good when there are only a few choices.
  • Check box is a on/off type field.  Good for a yes/no type answer.

4. Check the box labelled "Required" if the shopper is required to answer before continuing.

5. The "View order" field can be used to place the custom fields in a particular order with the lowest order showing first.  If all custom fields have the same order they will be shown alphabetically.

6. Select the "Save Custom Field" button to add the field

The new field will now be shown as part of the checkout screen.  Add as many fields as needed to collect all of the information needed.  The custom field names and responses will be shown on the order details and receipt pages.

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