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This article will show you:
1. How to reset a forgotten email password.

You need this because:
1. You do not know your email inbox password and cannot login to view/send email.

There are 2 methods to reset a forgotten email password.

Method #1, Reset the password yourself
1. Go to ""

2. Select the "forgot your password" link

3. Enter the email address in the "Email Address" field

4. Enter the code on the screen to verify you are a human and not a bot

5. Select the "Ok" button

6. If a backup email address was specified for your inbox an email will be sent there with instructions on how to reset your password.  If no backup email address was specified for this inbox an error message will be shown.  Proceed to the 2nd method below to reset the password.

Method #2, Have your store admin reset it for you
1. Login to the administrator panel and select "General-->Email-->Setup Instructions"

2. Select the "Login to Manage Email" button.  This will open up a new browser window that will be logged into your domains administrator email account.

3. Once you are logged in as the main email user you can reset anyone’s password. Go to "Settings–>Domain Settings–>Users".

3. Select the check box for the user you want to change the password for and then Select the "Edit" button.

4. Enter the new password in the "Password" field.

​5. Select the
 "Save" button.