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Free shipping over $x amount

This article will show you:
1. How to create a shipping method that will apply free shipping to orders over a certain threshold amount.

You need this because:
1. You want to incentivize shoppers to spend more money with a free shipping option for spending over a certain amount.

1. Log in to the administrator panel and select "Shipping-->Methods-->Add".
2. In the field labelled "Shipping Method Name" enter a name to display to the shopper for this shipping method, ie Free Shipping.

3. Leave all fields under the "Calculated Shipping" heading set to 0 to keep the cost at 0.

4. Leave all boxes under the "Realtime Shipping" heading unchecked to leave real time shipping off.

5. Under the "Rules" heading define the conditions where shipping should be free.  For the purposes of our example we will go through setting Free Shipping in the Continental US only for orders with totals over $75.

6. In the "Countries" line select the "Selected Countries" option and then choose United States

7. In the "States" line select the "Selected States" option and then choose all of the States except Alaska and Hawaii.

8. In the "Totals" line select the "Selected Totals" option and enter a range of 75 to 99999

9. Select the "Add range in list" link

10. Select the "Add this shipping" button to save

During checkout if a shoppers order matches the selected conditions they will be given the Free Shipping method with a cost of $0.  If the shoppers order does not match the selected conditions they will not see this shipping method.

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