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How can I make my own search box?

Beginners, to insert a search box use the keyword %OBJ_SEARCH_BOX_OBJ%, this will automatically insert a basic search box where the keyword is placed.

Advanced users, create a custom search box using the specs below:

1. Post the form to search_items.asp

<form action='search_items.asp' method='post' name='search'>

2. Include the hidden field named Form_Name

<input type='hidden' name='Form_Name' value='Search_Store'>

3. Include a field for the user to input the search term

<input type='Text' name='Search_Text'>

4. Include a submit button or image as below

<input type='submit' value='Search' name='Search_Store'>

5. Include an end of form tag


These are the minimum requirements for a search box to function correctly.  For an example of a working advanced search page please refer to the search.asp page.

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