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How can I modify customer information?

This article will show you:
  • How to modify customer information.

You need this because:
  • You want to update a customer's address, password, email address etc.

  1. Login to the administrator panel and select "Customers-->Search".
  2. Use the search box to find the customer to modify, for instance to search for a customer with a particular first name choose "First Name like" from the drop down and then enter the name to search for, for example John.
  3. Select the "Search Customers" button to perform the search.
  4. **If the search produces too many results to easily sort through try adding a second search, for instance searching by "Last Name like".
  5. Find the line for the customer to edit and select the "Edit" link.
  6. Make the needed changes.
  7. Find the field that needs to be changed, make the needed changes and then select either the "Save Customer" or "Update" button depending on the information that was updated.

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