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Internet Explorer 11 Issues With Smartermail

As of November 12th, 2013 the Microsoft Corporation added Internet Explorer 11 to the Automatic Updates for Windows version 7 and 8 Operating Systems (this version was already included in Windows 8.1). All owners of these versions of Windows will have had their Internet Explorer automatically updated to this newer version, without user intervention.

Unfortunately, there currently are numerous incompatibilities between Internet Explorer 11 and many websites and web applications. This can result in webpages displaying incorrectly or with broken or limited functionality with some web applications. Smartermail happens to be one of those that does not function properly in the new version of Internet Explorer 11.

If you are experiencing issues when attempting to login to your web-based mail after having your Internet Explorer 11 upgraded, please try of the resolutions below for dealing with the incompatibility:

  1. Enable "COMPATIBILITY VIEW” in Internet Explorer 11. This can be done by clicking on the broken page icon in your Address Bar.
  2. Add your webmail address ( to your Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer 11. This can be done from INTERNET OPTIONS ...> SECURITY ...> TRUSTED SITES ...> SITES.
  3. Use another web browser, such as Google ChromeMozilla Firefox, or Opera to access your web-based mail.