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Internet Secure alternative payment

The following are alternative instructions for setting up the Internet Secure gateway using the Authorize.net emulation mode.  This method allows the customer to remain on your website during the purchase process.  It also solves the issue of the store not receiving notice of the purchases being completed which sometimes happens with the regular Internet Secure method.
  • Go to General > Payments > Gateway
  • Choose Authorize.net as the payment gateway
  • set x_login to "NNNN" where NNNN is your InternetSecure Gateway Merchant Number. 
  • Leave transaction_key blank. ( i got this from the support and the forums).
  • Set the URL to https://secure.internetsecure.com/process.cgi 
  • Check the box for Auth and Deposit because Internet Secure does not support Auth Only
  • Hit Save
Once your cart is set-up, email your store IP address to [email protected] so that they can add it to your profile and therefore recognize your transaction requests when they come through. At that time, they will also test your integration to ensure that it is connecting correctly.

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