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Is hosting included?

Yes, hosting is included with all packages. Hosting can be just for your store or you may upload additional web files.

You may not upload programming files or databases to your store.

Examples of acceptable type files:
  • js, css, html, htm, xml, pdf, swf, fla, jpg, gif, wmv, mp3, zip
    i.e. movies, webpages, adobe acrobat files, images, javascript, zip files

Examples of unacceptable files:
  • php, cgi, asp, mdb, sql, exe, java, class
    i.e. programming languages, executable and databases are not allowed to be uploaded

Some customers choose to keep another site elsewhere and host only their store with us, while others choose to host everything together with their store.  This is a personal decision which you must make depending on your outside hosting requirements and other internal factors for your business.

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