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Tips to reduce credit card fraud

It is your responsibility as a merchant to verify credit card transactions before sending out merchandise. There are several ways you can limit fraudulent transactions:

  1. Ensure that the address verification system result produces a match and do not send merchandise to customers whose entered address does not match their billing address.
  2. Check the cvv/card code to ensure it matches.
  3. Do not send merchandise to countries where fraud is prevalent such as Nigeria, Malaysia, etc.
  4. For extra large orders consider additional verification such as the faxing of a drivers license etc.
  5. Use a fraud screening tool such as Maxmind, available under "General-->Payments-->Fraud Control".

Please note that even if your payment gateway accepts a transaction this is not a guarantee that it is not actually a fraudulent transaction and a chargeback CAN still occur. It is important to protect yourself by doing double checks on both the AVS and card codes.‚Äč

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