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Make a custom domain name the default store address

This article will show you:
1. How to make your custom domain name the default URL for your store.

You need this because:
1. You want your store to show your domain name/url in the address bar instead of the *.storesecured.com url

Register/transfer custom domain name
Configuring DNS nameservers

1. Log in to the administrator panel and select "General --> Domain Name-->View/Edit"
2. Select the "Edit" link for the domain name that should be the default.

**If the domain name is not yet in the list please see the prerequisites above.  
3. Check the box labelled "Set as default"

4. Select the "Save this domain" button

If the domain name cannot be set as the default this means that either the domain nameservers are not setup properly or there has not been enough time for them to propagate.  An easy way to test if the propagation is ready is to type the domain name into the browser address bar.  If the store comes up it is done, if the store does not display it is not yet ready.

All internal links created by the store builder will now use the new domain name. It will not change any manual links you have created that used the full path.

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