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Order confirmation email

This article will show you:
1. How to setup and/or customize the order confirmation email.

You need this because:
1. You want to change the content of the order notification email.
2. You want to be notified when new orders are generated via email.

1. Login to the administrator panel and select "General-->Email-->Notifications".

2. Find the heading labelled "Order Notification Email", all of the fields underneath this heading relate only to the order notification email.

3. Check the box labelled "Send Order Notice to Admin" to receive a email at the admin email address when an order is placed with a link to view the order.

4. Check the box labelled "Send to Customer" to enable the automatic order confirmation email to the customer.

5. Check the box labelled "Attach Invoice" to include an html attachment with the order details.

6. In the field labelled "Send copy to" include a comma delimited list of email addresses to receive a copy of the customer order confirmation.  This option is useful for fulfillment warehouses who need a copy of the order and/or in place of the automatic admin order notice.

7. In the "Subject" field indicate the subject of the email. ie Thanks for your purchase at Storename

8. In the large text box enter the content of the email.  Special keywords are shown below which can be added to the email subject and/or body to customize the content for each customer.  ie Dear %FIRSTNAME%,
  • %FIRSTNAME% = Shopper first name
  • %LASTNAME% = Shopper last name
  • %LOGIN% = Shopper login
  • %PASSWORD% = Shopper password
  • %INVOICE_TEXT% = Text invoice format (can be used instead of or in addition to the Attach invoice option)

9. Select the "Save changes" button

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