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Problems sending and/or receiving email

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot problems with sending and/or receiving emails:

1. The "incoming and outgoing mail server" setup matches what is shown under "General --> Email --> Email Setup".  It must match exactly, spelling is very important.

2. The "username" should be something like [email protected] , ensure that you have spelled the name and domain name correctly and that you have created a matching email inbox.  If the email inbox has not yet been created it cannot be logged into or used for sending/receiving email.

3. The "password" should be whatever you defined when creating the email inbox.  This is usually NOT the same as your store admin login.

4. The check box labelled "Logon using Secure Password Authentication" should NOT be checked.

5.) The check box labelled "My server requires authentication" MUST be checked.

6.) If problems still exist change the "outgoing mail port" to 587.

7.) If it is still not working check that there are no virus checkers, firewalls etc that are blocking the mail server from connecting.

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