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Real time shipping

This article will show you:
  • The basics of real time shipping
  • How to setup real time shipping
You need this because:
  • You want to calculate actual shipping rates.
Real time shipping uses the origin and destination zip code, cart weight (plus any handling weights specified), type of packaging, type of pickup or drop off method etc to request actual rates from the actual shipping carrier.  A rate request is sent to the shipping carrier and then a response is received with a list of all available shipping options and the cost.  The shopper is then shown a list of the available rates.

Instructions to setup real time shipping
1. Login to the administrator panel and select "Shipping-->Methods-->Add"
2. Give the shipping method a name, ie Realtime shipping (this will not be shown to shoppers)

3. Under the "Realtime Shipping" heading check the box for each of the shipping carriers to use, for instance in our example USPS and UPS.

**Note that many of the shippers require that customers obtain a license key and/or user name and password to use the real time rates.  If this applies to a shipper you will be prompted to enter the required information.

4. Select the "Add this Shipping" button

Related Information and help articles
**Real time shipping requires that item weight is defined.  For further assistance on this topic see Item Weight

**By default all available shipping methods will be returned but shipping methods can be removed from the list if they do not apply.  For further information on this topic see Remove choices from real time shipping

**Each shipping carrier has a maximum box weight over which they do not accept packages.  For further information on this topic see Maximum box weight

**Real time shipping cannot calculate a final box size and no dimensions are sent for shipments.  If your packages are unusually large use the dimensional weight instead of actual weight.


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