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Shipping best practices

There is no single best way to charge shipping.  The best method for a store will depend on the type of items sold, what the competition is doing and the target market. Some of the more popular methods of charging shipping are:
  • free shipping for purchases over a certain threshold
  • real time rates
  • single flat fee
  • tiered flat fee based on order total
Experiment with different types of shipping costs to determine what works best for your type of product and customer base. Items that are very heavy may require higher shipping charges or shipping that is dependent on weight. Items which are lighter weight may work better with flat fee shipping, shipping based on order amount or free shipping.

Free shipping is fast becoming standard among many larger retailers forcing smaller retailers to follow suit.  A popular way to implement free shipping is to push customers to a larger order size by offering free shipping when the customer spends over a certain dollar amount.

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