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What do the different fields on the email add screen mean?

  • User Name: Your username, ie the email address [email protected]
  • Domain:    Your domain name, ie
  • Real Name:    Your real name, ie John Smith (only used for webmail)
  • Password:    Your password to login (for reading or sending email)
  • Confirm Password:    Your password again (to confirm)
  • Forward Address:    The email address where you want emails forwarded to, if any (ie if you want to forward email to yahoo or hotmail or something instead of reading it directly from our servers)
  • "Sent Items" Folder:    The name of your sent items folder (only for use with webmail)
  • Active:    Whether this account should be active or not (unactive accounts will not receive mail)
  • "Dummy" account:    Whether this account is a real account that accepts mail or not (dummy accounts will pretend to receive mail but will save nothing)
  • No IMAP Access:    Whether this account can access mail via imap (imap is used by handheld devices)
  • No POP3 Access:    Whether this account can access mail via pop3 (pop3 is used by outlook or other email clients)
  • No Web Access:    Whether this account can use webmail
  • Mailbox Size (Mb, 0 = Unlimited):    The maximum amount of space you want to give this account.
  • Keep Copies:    Whether to keep copies of forwarded emails (only valid if you have entered a forwarding address)
  • Return Address:    The reply to email to use (for webmail only)
  • Aliases:    A list of aliases to also accept mail for (ie main email sales, support could be an alias if you want both in the same inbox, each alias should be on a separate line)
  • Finger Information:    Unused field, leave blank as the finger server is unsupported.
  • Autoresponder Subject:    If using an autoresponder, the subject of that response
  • Responder Data:    If using an autoresponder the body of the response
  • Autoresponder is Enabled:    Whether the autoresponder is enabled. An autoresponder is a automatic response to messages received.
  • Notes:    
Any optional notes for your use.

**The only 2 required fields are username and password the rest can be left at the default.